About Us

Hi and welcome to BooksForNooks.com. We're the original community of Nook users willing to share.  We were the first and we are the ONLY website that is designed to help members make it easy to share their loanable books.  We are not some other "board site" where you may find a thread or two.  Our entire site is about Nooks and sharing.

BooksForNooks.com is a social website that is dedicated to all Barnes and Noble eBook readers or anyone that has an interest in eBooks from Barnes and Noble. Membership is free and as a member, you will be able to share your comments and loanable eBooks with other members of our site. Of course how much you wish to participate, is totally up to you. Start or join a group, make your group public or private, post messages to your group, set up your groups calendar of events, create your own photo album, seek out other members that share common interest... it's all there for you.

We started BooksForNooks, for everyone that has a passion for reading. We hope you enjoy our site. Membership is free and it will enable you to find your favorite eBooks and participate in other great member benefits.

Why join BooksForNooks.com?  Well aside from the fact that we are the original nook loaning community, unlike other sites where you basically build up your contact list, with BooksForNooks, you can search our book library for just the book you want, participate in our forum, meet other nook owners, or form your very own book club (group).  Plus our members have our ear.  We have dedicated our resources to build this site just the way our members want it.  If you have a great idea you would like to see - just use our forum or feedback form and we promise you that you will be heard.


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