An Electronic Synthesizer for Your T-Shirt

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It seems there’s absolutely no limit to technology these days, people mix up all that they can think of. So now there’s a T-shirt that has an electronic synthesizer, and no, it’s not just designed, this synthesizer can even be played.

It has eight-voice polyphony, high quality sampled sounds and a stylish retro amp box. The company responsible for this awesome invention is ThinkGeek and promises that this musical T-shirt is fully playable, and features professional sounds in a completely wearable format.

With five different professional instruments that you can play, this T-shirt is not just the only musical T-shirt around here. You have an electronic guitar T-shirt and even an electronic drum set T-shirt. The T-shirt can play up to eight keys at the same time, is recommended for anyone above the age of 12. The retro box that comes with the T-shirt is also wearable and can be worn very comfortably. It also has an adjustable tone knob; that makes it more than just an ordinary keyboard. The batteries are removable for washing purposes, and that makes it quite an easy item to own. It works on 3 AAA batteries, which are not included with the pack.

A T-shirt that makes music is not exactly something you come across every day, and the makers know this very well and it shows in the price. This musical T-shirt has been set at a price range of $29.99 to $32.98, depending on the various sizes and availability of batteries. So if you’re a music buff, we would say this is the T-shirt for you, flaunt your good looks and your musical skills at the same time!

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