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First, we are much different from other lending sites.  Aside from being able to borrow books from other members, we have created a community where you can make new friends, share stories, join or start a group made up of members that share common interest, and participate in our forum.  From time to time, you may find that we’ll run a contest as well!

Membership is free and we intend to keep it that way.  There are no levels for memberships; we treat each member equally with dignity and respect.  We ask the same of our members. The only requirement we put on our members is that before you can “borrow” a book, you must have at least one book of your own in your book inventory on our site.

So as a new member we suggest you first go over to our FAQ page where you can get a feel for how the site works.  Then you should introduce yourself in our forum community.  Take some time to read what members are saying on the boards.

You’ll notice when you login that the member portal contains a menu of stuff you can do on the top, and a message board where we post news about new happenings and were members may make their own announcements.

After you are comfortable moving about, please post any books (click the “My Books” link in the member portal) that are in your eBook library that you would be willing to loan to other members.  Please be sure the books you add are able to be lent before you add books to our web site.  The My Books page will show you all the books you currently have listed on our web site.  You can delete books, make them available (for loaning), or set them to un-available.

Once you have books listed, you now are able to request loans from other members. There are many ways to find books that you may want to borrow. Try clicking on the Search button on the main nav.  Check “New Additions” to find recently added books. However you go about it when you find a book you’d like to borrow, be sure to use the “Loan Request” button to request the book from the other member.  It is important that you always use the loan request button as we do track loans as part of our member rating system.  The rating system is an important part of our site as it lets members know many books the other member has lent, and what type of feedback the member has acquired from other members.  Another reason to use the request button is that most members will NOT loan their books if you don’t make a formal request as it isn’t really in their interest and does nothing for their “rating”.

When you make a loan request, we send a message to the book’s owner as well as sending them an email to the email address they used to register.  So if they don’t login, the message that you want to borrow a book from them will go to their real email account.

At any time you can check the status of books you’ve requested to borrow AND of books members have asked to borrow from you.  Access the “My Requests” link in the member portal to manage your lends and borrows.

As a lender, you can delete the loan request.  If you do, we’d suggest that you let the other member know by sending them a message.  Perhaps the book was lent previously OR perhaps it’s no longer available.  Whatever the reason, you can (if you want) delete the loan request without penalty to either side.  If you want to lend the book, you should contact the other member to confirm what email account they want to use for the loan.

As a borrower, you can leave feedback for any of the books that are listed in your “Borrow” area.  You may leave either positive or negative feedback.  We encourage you to always leave feedback.  Positive feedback is always appreciated.  Negative feedback will be sent to the Book owner.  They will have ONE opportunity to respond to your comments and you will have ONE opportunity to change your rating to positive (or not) and change your comments (or not).  Please note that if you DO leave negative feedback and the book owner responds to you, that your comments and the book owners response will be visible to members reading the feedback ratings of the book owner.  If you leave negative feedback and do not hear back from the book owner, your comments will not be visible but the negative rating will affect the book owner’s rating.

Feedback opportunities expire in 21 days. If NO feedback is provided, the book owner’s rating is not effected, but we’d say there would be little chance for you to borrow from that owner again.  Whenever you leave negative feedback, try to be constructive and courteous.

Fun too are site stats.  See how many active members we have, how many available books we have, who’s had the most book lends, most positive feedback ratings, and check your own rating in one spot!

Along with lending, and borrowing you can set alerts for a particular title that may not be on our site now but should it be posted, we’ll send you an email!  Set alerts by title, author, or genre.  Simple but effective.

Reading a bunch of books right now?  See books on our site you’d like to read?  Add them to your wish list. Once you get caught up with your reading, visit your wish list and bang out a loan request.  Saves you time hunting down books you want to read, but just don’t have time for when you see them on our site.

Oh, almost forgot. One other REALLY BIG thing we have over other groups or lending sites, is that we are very actively engaged with our members. We always are looking for ways to improve our service and we will always respond to each and every request that you send our way!

All that PLUS, you won’t find a friendlier group of readers anywhere. Our members are the tops!

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