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How to Use WhatsApp For PC Without Bluestacks?

Method for installing YoWhatsapp on your Windows 8/8.1/7 PC which I recommend you is Using You Wave emulator. Just like BlueStacks YouWave does the same job, it plays the android app on your PC.

This method is recommended when you don’t want to use the WhatsApp web and at the same time, BlueStacks is not working on your computer (and giving error while installing it on your computer). You can easily do the job with YouWave, so let’s jump into the step by step guide.


  • Step 1: Download YouWave from The Official Website. The link is given below.
  • Step 2: Install YouWave in Your computer
  • Step 3: After you Install YouWave, Open that you will see something like this
  • Step 4:- Click on the view button which is located at the left side top. You will see a drop-down menu there click on online content.
  • Step 5:- After clicking on online content you will get options like the below image there as you can expect click on WhatsApp.

  • Step 6:- Now you freely download WhatsApp for PC. Once clicking on WhatsApp wait for few seconds after that WhatsApp will be installed on your computer. So yes Now WhatsApp is on your PC, Start using it right away.


    I will be talking about some basic pros and cons because there are not many. Actually the main Advantage of this method is – YouWave doesn’t give any errors and you can install YouWave in pretty Much Every Computer. Also, Size of YouWave is pretty low, so it saves your internet data. And if you talk about the cons of YouWave the main thing is – YouWave seems not that much exclusive and attractive. BlueStacks looks great when compared to YouWave.


    The last couple of years WhatsApp was so famous for free messaging (the revelation of free text messaging) and this year the world will enjoy Free Voice call, recently WhatsApp added free voice calling features to it. For using this service all you need to do is download the latest version of WhatsApp from the official website.

    If you update the old version from Google Play, then you might face some issue, so download from the official website of WhatsApp and install it on your Smartphone, for enjoying the free voice call feature. The main thing is that –“it’s helpful to use WhatsApp in a computer”, but how to use WhatsApp on a computer.

    You may get confused when you see lots of search results in Google, but don’t worry at all. Here I have covered the best techniques to use WhatsApp on your computer. these techniques are awesome, you just check these and choose which one you want to use for the purpose of using WhatsApp in computer. All of threes techniques here are discussed in detail (with images), so don’t worry just follow that method which seems to be easy for you, or you can follow your heart and follow any method you want.

    Anyway, WhatsApp will get better day by day, but there can be some situations when you will not have access to your smartphone, or you may stick in some condition where your smartphone is lost or battery low. Or while working with your laptop, it’s very helpful if you can check WhatsApp using your Computer.

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